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Guest Mix // Neil Hagerty

This week’s mix comes from Neil Hagerty of junkie rock supremos Royal Trux. Neil’s supplied a perfectly formed cross-section of raggedy Americana, accompanied by some pithy and candid words of his own (doo-wop is infinite). New favourites are the ramshackle blues of James “Blood” Ulmer, and Narcocorrido badass Chalino Sánchez. Take some time to read the Quietus interview with Royal Trux, and check out Neil’s new project, The Howling Hex, too.

Chalino Sánchez – Ya Despues De Muerto
Chalino is the best there ever will be, things have changed so quickly – he’s caught in amber now, in perfection forever.

Jaco Pastorius & Rashied Ali – Broadway Blues
It’s one of those weird things, try and talk about how incredible Jaco was it is hard to prove. You give them something like “Portrait of Tracy” they give you side eye. Luckily, he made a lot of stuff that is easy to listen to. It’s the same way with so many musicians, they just don’t inspire empathy.

Ashley Paul – Leave Mine
It’s nice that she has a degree in music and she worked on ESP-DISK, lovely talismanic pedigree. Gives people some contradictions to think about, something to say to cover their silences after the music plays.

The Cuff Links – Guided Missles
Doo-wop is infinite. People need to wake up to that fact.

Jefferson Airplane – Turn My Life Down
This is a sinewy number, Marty Balin lead vocal, The Ace of Cups on backup.

Chalino Sánchez – El Corrido de Javier Torres
The master again, with a brass band. This is a corrido for Sinaloan Cartel captain El “JT”, right hand man to El Mayo Zambada. They escaped from the Mexican Army but Special Forces finally got them.

Moe Bandy – Bandy The Rodeo Clown
I don’t enjoy country music but it attracts great songwriters. I like humorous stories of a self-effacing nature.

James “Blood” Ulmer – Are You Glad To Be In America
I got a hand addressed postcard from his record company when they announced the release of “No Escape from the Blues” and I keep it close to me at all times to this day.

chalino sanchez james blood ulmer

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