Luca Nasciuti kit mix

Guest Mix // Luca Nasciuti

Here’s an exhaustive drone and weird-pop megamix from Italian noise researcher, artist and all-round good egg Luca Nasciuti. Luca resides in Glasgow, but I met him for an enjoyable packet of crisps and walk around Holborn, where we chatted field recordings, exhibitions and his recent trip to craggy, atmospheric Iceland. Luca’s mix is fantastic – all serrated geographies of sound scattered with otherworldy sighs. Photos (and words below) by Luca.

“This is a non-linear selection of tracks that have become very personal. On the one hand there is my interest in form and analysis and I appreciate these tracks for they hold something very special that goes beyond genre and generalisation. But this is also a collection of music that has accompanied my own, constantly evolving journey into music making. I’ve included a piece of mine as well; it’s about the landscape, just like the other tracks in this mix. It’s a perfect analogy to describe sound and its constant mutation in time, both the listening time and the personal one. For every time I listen to any of these tracks I am a different person.”

Colleen – I’ll Read You a Story
Arca – Umbilical
Tim Hecker – Acephale
Valgeir Sigurdsson – Guard Down
Xiu Xiu – Hives
Islaja – Rukous
Kristof Penderecki – Kanon, for orchestra
Jacob Kirkegaard – Kali
Matschulat – Conjuntura III
Fursaxa – Cornus of Florida
Luca Nasciuti – Under Your Skin I Cannot Touch
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld – With the Dark Hug of Time
Kira Kira – Hamar
Alfred Schnittke – Klingende Buchstaben for cello solo
Lau Nau – Tulkaa
Ben Frost – A Single Point of Binding Light
Tujiko Noriko – Shore Angel
Rashad Becker – Dances I
Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Into – Second Self
Bjork – An Echo, A Stain

Luca Nasciuti kit mix

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