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Guest Mix // Let’s Wrestle

A bonkers, fantastic mix here from one of our fave London bands, glorious slackers Let’s Wrestle. From Fusioon’s twitchy Spanish prog to Tommy Steele’s bizarre paean to cooked meats, this platter is jubilantly eccentric, and at times downright odd. Having moved beyond mere “snot-nosed scuzz-pop” (as The Independent delightfully put it in a recent review), Let’s Wrestle now draw on a rich history of talented weirdos for their sound, as can be heard here. Words from frontman Wesley below!

Haruomi Hosono – Sportsman
Darkus Bishop (drums) introduced me to this song a couple of weeks ago. It’s by the guy from Yellow Magic Orchestra. The whole record is fantastic but this is my favourite.

Colin Blunstone – Caroline Goodbye
This song is so beautiful. It’s by Colin Blunstone, who was the singer in The Zombies. This is the sort of music I’m really into at the moment – super poppy and melancholic, with a lot of orchestral arrangements. It’s a shame there is not much going on like this at the moment. Everybody is so focused on the sound of songs rather than the songs themselves. Of course there are exceptions, but modern music is missing out on a lot of melody in general.

Nick Nicely – Hilly Fields (1892)
Sam who played bass on the new LP showed me this song around the time we were making the record, and I really liked it. I think Captured Tracks reissued the whole record, but this is the only song I’ve heard I’m really into.

Fusioon – Farsa Del Buen Vivir
This song is groove central. I know nothing about Fusioon except that they are Spanish. This is great, I love the guitar sound.

Race Horses – Furniture
I always try to put modern music on these sorts of things. This is from a record that I thought was vastly underrated. I’m close friends with Meilyr from the band, and he’s a great songwriter. Unfortunately Race Horses broke up. They were one of my favourite bands to go and see, very flamboyant, but I expect whatever Meilyr is working on next will be great.

Plush – Found A Little Baby
The first Plush 7 inch from 1994, this goes in with what I said about Colin Blunstone and the importance of melody. The fact that it came out in the mid-nineties on Drag City makes it even more impressive. I really respect people who go against what’s cool and would rather just make something that’s really pleasant to their own ears – something I would like to do more of.

Slade – Everyday
Forget Morrissey and Marr or Page and Plant, for me one of the greatest songwriting partnerships is Jim Lea and Noddy Holder from Slade. Everybody remembers “Merry Christmas Everybody”, “Gudbye T’Jane” and “Cum On Feel The Noize”, which are all great, but Slade’s image seems to have sidelined their talent for beautiful Beatles-y ballads.

Tommy Steele – Egg And Chips
The undeniable Sammy 7 introduced me to this song, and we sing it together frequently. It should be a lot more popular, it’s a really strange song. I love it.

Young Husband – Silver Sisters
Some new friends who are really great. I haven’t heard the record in full yet, even though it’s been out for a while, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard from Young Husband so far. Looking forward to giving the LP a proper listen.

let's wrestle guest mix

You can preorder Let’s Wrestle’s forthcoming self-titled LP on Fortuna Pop HERE.

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