Keel Her 2

Guest Mix // Keel Her

Raise a glass to our Brighton buddy Keel Her, aka Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, for this exclusive guest mix. The music veers from the euphoric DIY psych of R. Stevie to Gary Wilson‘s visionary synth funk (“Jesus, she’s so real!”), all nestled amongst perfectly pitched feel-good pop wonk from Suburban Lawns, Strawberry Switchblade and the like. It almost feels like summer.

When she’s not attracting attention from Loud and Quiet, Rose is putting the finishing touches to her upcoming single, “Don’t Look At Me”. A full length LP comes out this summer on Critical Heights, which will include a bonus disc of her bountiful demos.

R. Stevie Moore – Tape To Disc
Gary Valentine – Tomorrow Belongs To You
France Gall – Der Computer Nr. 3
The Beatles – Flying
Suburban Lawns – Janitor
Lio – Marie Antoinette
Quix*O*Tic – Snowflakes In Your Eyelashes
Bill Nelson – Dada Guitars
Throwing Muses – Golden Thing
Linda Smith – Take This
Gary Wilson – You Keep On Looking
Arthur Russell – Big Moon
Strawberry Switchblade – Michael Who Walks By Night

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