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IX Tab // Apologies In Advance

Our latest guest mix comes from IX Tab, the solo moniker of shadowy West Country electronic musician Saxon Roach. This one’s quite unsettling, with Raymond Scott’s nightmarish visions of mounting admin paving the way for a hike through ritualistic pasts and dystopian futures. IX Tab’s dreamy LP R.O.C. is out now via Exotic Pylon, with the time-bent ‘Parhelion’ a resplendent highlight. Over to you, Saxon…

Raymond Scott – The Paperwork Explosion
I prefer this kind of stuff when it’s designed as something else rather than music. Uncompromising and unpromising. Raymond Scott had a job to do, he didn’t have half an eye on a double vinyl re-release.

Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu (Production Unit’s Copydex & Papier Mache mix)
This seems like an almost accidental form of genius. There’s loads of brilliant remixes of this song but this one kicks off and out in all kinds of unexpected places. Enthralling, sophisticated, smutty.

Shackleton – Moon Over Joseph’s Burial
This once created an unexplainable urge to push a fellow passenger onto the tracks in front of an approaching train. Must be the way the drums are recorded to sound like pounded skulls. Treat with care.

Morning Chanting (Bangkok)
I love Bangkok because you can hear the electricity all through the streets. It’s so close.

Bernard Parmegiani – Signes de vie (Expression 1)
Of all the people like this, Parmegiani is the one that stands out; this whole thing could have easily been made out of his stuff. As it is, I’m only giving him a little shot but the whole of this sequence is something that repeatedly fills in the blanks in my world.

Black Sun Productions – A List Of Wishes
This tune often plays in my head when I’m not paying attention. An auditory tic. This was going to be the only mix I’d ever created without Coil on it but I couldn’t quite pull it off.

Kemper Norton – Unrequited 11
An earlyish track from Kemper. This is a frazzled take on urfolk with a slight Fourtet twinge still visible around the eyes. One of the twisting little vocals nods forward in time to his fantastic Loor.

Einsturzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch
Blixa is what some people think Keith Richards is. This works on every level.

Ship Canal – A Fucking Cuddle
This is petit mal in sound. Ship Canal is a self-diagnosed half-arse but he puts amazing attention and detail into his composition. This in part inspired the next track…

IX Tab – A Toy In McKenna’s Pram (w/Spacetime Continuum)
Not a collaboration at all, of course, but the result of a massively malfunctioning CD which I managed to record. This is part of a two-hour track that emerged and will probably never see the light of day, only partly due to the fact that it’s got very little to do with me.

David Essex – Rock On
Not remotely ironic. Love everything about this track.

Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes
There’s probably cooler modular synth tracks out there but Prekop completely nails something of the joy to be found in competing currents and comes up with something that resembles an electronic smile.

Cabaret Voltaire – Raising The Count
Not an electronic smile.

Dead Can Dance – Song Of Sophia
Dead Can Dance have dragged me out of a number of actual and metaphorical k-holes. They act more or less like the Fire Brigade in this house.

The Trip
I can’t remember where this came from. Or who it is. Or why it is. The web is wide and long.

IX Tab – The Tired Synths
Unreleased early version of an IX Tab track from the soon to be released Music For Salvia Divinorum / Music for Sleeping cd, due out on Twiggwytch next year.

IX Tab – The Sutton Wytch Found-Fox
From the latest album R.O.C. on Exotic Pylon. There’s a lot of problems with Hughes, but one of them isn’t his dreams.

Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing
As of last Tuesday, it was never in question that this mix would end with this track. The crackle at the start ought to be the real end of The Sutton Wytch Found-Fox.

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