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Guest Mix // Harry Deerness

Kevin Cormack is from Orkney, lives in London, and has released music as Half Cousin and Harry Deerness on the wonderful Spillage Fete label. His debut LP as Harry is ‘a psychedelic celebration of decay … a ghostly script for a half-finished, half-started film; a beautifully intricate composition of lost and found sampled cassette material loosely bound with accordion, keyboards and the sounds of breaking down.’ More recently Kevin’s worked on the Jam Money project with Mat Fowler, releasing the beautiful Blowing Stones last year – a quilt of homespun vignettes, which unfurls like some happily malfunctioning automata. Check out JM’s beautiful live piece for us on NTS, ‘Sister Radio‘. His mix is wonderful too, as expected.

Jam Money are about to release their second record A Gathering Kind on the Alien Transistor label.

Saddlesore – Old Tom Clark
Look De Bouk – La Couverture Du Rat
Speedbooth – Bogey
The Rogers Sisters – (I’m a) Ballerina
Gastr Del Sol – Eight Corners
Arthur Russell – Goodbye Old Paint
Jacky John – End Credits

Harry Deerness 1

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