Golden Retreiver by Sarah Meadows

Guest Mix // Golden Retriever

Brain-expanding mix here from Portland-based experimental modular synth and clarinet duo Golden Retriever. These are broad and deep selections, reflecting the group’s myriad influences and held together by their ability to somehow cause an “instinctive, gut reaction regardless of genre or origin”. This thread of “visceral sense” has resulted in “Sza, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Archie Shepp holding hands. Big Youth and Watazumido rubbing against each other. It’s a bit of a collage, so some of the tracks are shortened and/or layered into each other.” An immense effort!

Golden Retriever’s awesome LP Seer is out now via Thrill Jockey.

Eduard Artemiev – Untitled (SOLARIS – Andrey Tarkovsky Vol. 3)
Tibetan Buddhist Rites – Long Trumpets ‘Throat Ornament’ (Tibetan Buddhist Rites From the Monasteries of Bhutan)
Ben Vida – Tztztztzt Part 20 (Slipping Control)
D’Angelo – The Root (Voodoo)
Alice Coltrane – Wisdom Eye (Eternity)
Gnawa Musicians – Tramin (Gnawa Music of Marrakesh: Night Spirit Masters)
Black Thought/J Dilla – Love Movin’ (The Shining)
Brian Eno & John Cale – Spinning Away (Wrong Way Up [rem], 1991)
Gagaku – Oshikicho Choshi (Gagaku: Japanese Traditional Music)
Cyrus (basic channel) – Presence Edit (Basic Channel)
Nina Simone – Images (After Hours)
Jo Johnson – Ancestral Footsteps (Weaving)
Veljo Tormis – How Can I Recognize My Home (Litany To Thunder)
sCAUGHT (Scott Smallwood) – All American (Insert Coin)
Haruomi Hosono – Malabar Hotel (Upper Floor) (Cochin Moon)
Sza – HiiiJack (Z)
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) – Sternklang, park music for five groups (1971) – 02. Beginning
Archie Shepp – My Angel (Blasé)
Bronius Kutavicius – Celebration Of The Medvegalis Hill (Last Pagan Rites)
Brigitte Fontaine – Areski Belkacem – Le ciel est doux (Vous et Nous)
Big Youth – Can You Keep A Secret (Trojan Rare Grooves)
Watazumi – Honshirabe (Watazumido) (Hotchiku)

Golden Retreiver by Sarah Meadows

Photo by Sarah Meadows.

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