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Guest Mix // Ela Orleans

What a mix from one of our favourite modern composers and electronic artists, Ela Orleans. These are weird and wonderful selections, joyous grooves unshackled of theme or prejudice. Particular favourites are the beguiling Matana Roberts and Kit staple Maryam Guebrou. Words below from the lady herself!

Charanjit Singh – Raga Bhairav
I learnt about Charanjit Singh through my agency Julie Tippex. We both joined the roster at the same time. I heard his record and I found it very uplifting and fell in love with its dynamic.

Belbury Poly – Chapel Perilous
I am a big fan of pretty much everything coming out from Ghost Box and this is one of its top gems. “Chapel Perilous” is a love at first hear. Unfortunately not available on vinyl anymore (hint).

Original Lowfi – Holde Kunst
I discovered the band thanks to Radio Kamikaze’s Paul Ackroyd, who sent me a few copies of records. I fell in love in this one not quite immediately but it hit me eventually.

Musique Traditionnelle D’Afrique: Flutes et Rythmes Du Cameroun – Moulage Du Riz

Afshaan Ahmad – Dosti Aisa Naata Jo Sonay Sey Bhi Mehenga
Another gem lost and found. This song brings a lot memories to people in Pakistan, but for me it was just utter diamond. The clip comes from TV program, and there was a lot of future TV stars among the group of children singing along Afshaan Ahmad. To me it’s just really touching, innocent and the singing is just total purity.

Lazerhawk – So Far Away
This is someone very interesting, one of those internet phenomenons. he seems to be popular but no official release other than the band camp. I discovered him by accident and got in touch with him, he doesn’t seem to be interested in releasing his music in physical form.

Matana Roberts – How Much Would You Cost?
I am always very intrigued by Matana Roberts’ compositions. It’s always quite unpredictable and I like how she takes the risk and makes coherent sound out of a total chaos.

The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia
Another bomb ahead of upcoming release on Ghost Box. “Entropicalia” from The Other World of The Soundcarriers, was issued on The Great Pop Supplement during 2013 (a vocal version of the track is set to appear on their Ghost Box LP scheduled for release in 2014).

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou – The Last Tears Of The Deceased
I bought the record during Mississippi Records’ presentation in Glad Cafe in Glasgow. Sadly, I lost it and just got the new copy, and I am happy to be reconnected with the music. To me Tsegue-Maryam is like the Ethiopian Chopin or Schubert. I am a little addicted to her melodies. After the war she studied under the Polish violinist Aleksander Kontorowicz in Cairo. Perhaps this is why I feel there is a connection with my musical roots – which is mainly Chopin.

Original Lowfi – Dub Star

Ela Orleans Parental Guidance

Ela’s an extremely busy lady with several film scores in the works, including two collaborations with Maja Borg. Check out her score on the trailer for JuliacksArchitecture of an Atom, below. Ela’s ace remix of Laraaji’s “Kalimba” also surfaced on an All Saints Records 12″ alongside Sun Araw and Bee Mask earlier this month (it’ll be dropping on a Warp comp in the coming weeks too). Stay tuned to elaorleans.com for more exciting projects and music news. Thanks Ela!

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