Guest Mix // Spirit Fest

Here’s an hour of bafflingly obscure Japanese prog, psych, jazz and everything in between, courtesy of Spirit Fest, a kind of experimental supergroup comprised of The Notwist’s Markus Acher, Mat Fowler of Jam Money, Cico Beck (Joasihno) and Tenniscoats. The group was drawn together for last December’s Alien Disko festival in Munich, organised by Markus and Micha Acher, which featured a wonderful lineup of Sacred Paws, Jam Money, the Sun Ra Arkestra and more. In the words of Markus, ‘I compiled the mix from japanese records, 7″s and CDs, I bought and got as presents, while visiting Saya and Ueno from avant-pop-Duo Tenniscoats in Tokyo, with whom I played and recorded during the first festival last December. The mix is very much inspired by their taste and recommendations, and also their own wonderful music.’ Below is a probably-complete list of the artists featured.

Stay tuned for Spirit Fest’s first record, which will be released on Morr Music, Alien Transistor and Afterhours in November.

Featuring music by: Isao Tomita, cacoy, Yumbo, Yasuaki Shimizu, Jun Konagaya, Daisuke Tobari, boredoms, After Dinner, Jimmy Takeuchi, Takeshi Terauchi, Jun Togawa, Akira Ifukube, Tenniscoats, Haku, Ueno Takashi, and Yara – family and other songs and ritual-music from Okinawa.



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