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Gorilla Spotted On Roof

There were some brilliant and baffling Argus headlines over Autumn and Winter. Whether they’re blaring wilfully banal double entendres, supernatural detective cases, or sheer alliteration to the point of obliteration, these billboards somehow convey Brighton’s subtle blend of salty eccentricity and provincial rage. I salute whoever’s in charge of them. Here’s our pick.

funny argus children high on drink and drugs

funny argus john lennons tooth tour

funny argus anger over bus route changes

funny argus seagulls divebomb mourners

funny argus city branded country's most godless

funny argus baby saved by scissors

funny argus council's dramatic parking u-turn

funny argus exploding tea towels

funny argus revellers told to wear goggles

funny argus police called over saucy postcards

funny argus tory mp ambushed by students

funny argus sozzled students' shakespeare shame

funny argus dangerous cupcakes

funny argus squatters beat me up says artist

funny argus gorilla spotted on roof

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