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Ghost Capital // Guest Mix

We’ve been plundering the excellent Ghost Capital blog for several years now. A key player in Portland’s ethno-psych exploration axis (alongside Mississippi Recs, Sahel Sounds and the Emahoy Sheet Music Project), GC consistently unearths fascinating, weird and downright funky obscurities from all over. Obviously we were over the moon when Ghost Capital head honcho Nick agreed to make us an exclusive mix.

Nick describes these selections as “a stream of consciousness, incorporating all manner of seemingly disparate, eclectic and inspiring sounds into a flow that made intuitive sense, at least to me.” The result is a staggering, gem-encrusted trans-continental hike. Current favourites include Helen Cockram’s spine-tingling Appalachian treasure on “The Pinnacle Mountain Silver Mine”, and the fiery Portuguese guitar duel of Trio Tapajós‘ “Trio Eletrico” – but each listen reveals new facets of this bounty. An absolute treat.

You can catch Ghost Capital on Dr. Zomb’s Africa O-Ye radio show this Thursday from 2-4pm PST on Portland’s KBOO fm. Nick is also working on a box set project of American folk music for the label Dust To Digital, with more details to be revealed soon.


Brenda Ray – Another Dream
Jah Shaka – Lion’s Share
Prince Far I – Everytime I Talk About Jah
Melanie – Some Say (I Got Devil)
Zora Neale Hurston – There Stands A Bluebird
José Riestra – Lamento Esclavo
Cozy Cole – Cozy & Bossa
Brigitt – …da beißt ein Goldfisch an
Atomic Forest – Locomotive Breath
Can – Midnight Sky
Suzy Soundz – Major Tom (Coming Home)
Picky Picnic – My Toast Time
People Like Us – Oh Dear
Au Dunes – Space Brothers
Clarke and the Himselfs – Asteroid
Bongwater – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Trio Tapajós – Trio Eletrico
Idassane Wallet Mohamed – Ahiyana
Karantamba – Dimba Nyima
Alfonso Lovo – La Bomba De Neutron
Arthur Russell – Your Motion Says
Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers
Lumerians – Life Without Skin
Natural Snow Buildings – Beyond the Veil
Lalgudi G. Jayaraman & Ustad Amjad Ali Khan – Excerpt : Raga Bhopali (Mohanam)
Helen Cockram – The Pinnacle Mountain Silver Mine
Frantz Casseus – Dance
Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Hur (Tar and Electronic)
Dustin Wong – Evening Curves Straight
Stevie Wonder – They Won’t Go When I Go
Child Development Group of Mississippi – Da da da da
Nina Simone – Com’ By H’Yere-Good Lord

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