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Forthcoming Releases

You’ve probably already heard me babbling on the radio about Kit’s recent “signings”, The Nag’s Head,
B£AMS and Tesla. Time for a little clarification: First, The Nag’s Head tape is up for pre-order now on our bandcamp and at the lovely Norman Records. It will also be available to buy in Brighton’s excellent Resident Music, among others. Press gubbins ahoy:

“Live From Concrete Island” is the début album from Brighton based producer Stephen Maskell, aka The Nag’s Head. Taking material from the last four years, he’s created a head-spinning tapestry of melodic techno and crushed cityscapes. Like Echospace, Maskell’s meandering, “destroyed” visions nail the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. For the city’s lolloping, dubby percussion we reach deep into its guts, pulling out a squiggly bricolage of pistons, pool balls, window frames, jets of steam. In turns rasping and narcotic, Concrete Island’s beatless sections are akin to the crunching menace of early Clark, or Murcof’s cosmic space treatments. An occasional shimmering guitar riff or steel drum emerges from the rubble, dusts off and calls itself a pop gem before Maskell’s world crumbles again.

The first release on Brighton micro-label Kit Records, Live From Concrete Island will be a short run of 50 pro-dubbed tapes, with linocut artwork, limited edition hand-printed postcard and digital download. Pre-order it HERE.

SECONDLY, we will be releasing a deliciously befuddling split record featuring music from two of England’s most intriguing sonic explorers…

On side A, Kit is proud to present “Patches”, the début EP from Canterbury producer B£AMS. Brimming with warm washes of drone, “Patches” forms a persistently morphing cluster of stoned hip-hop, gospel and highlife. Densely layered stutter beats, drunk synth, lost voices and temporal distortion flit in and out of earshot, inducing a joyful lostness. Riding this sea of colourful wooz, B£AMS channels Madlib, Delmar Edmunds and Matthew Dear with stumbling ADHD enthusiasm.

Occupying a colder, unheimlich universe, side B reveals the first recordings from enigmatic British doctor and sonic traveller Tesla. On this collection of songs, entitled “Lazer-AC”, he dredges sea caves for dense undulations of jazz-infused drone and marshals armies of static from somewhere above the clouds. Hypnotic mantras, eroded landscapes and encoded loops are run through analogue tape equipment, à la Matthew David or Leyland Kirby, as Tesla collates the muttered instructions for some gestalt machine. Astonishing.

“Patches / Lazer-AC” will be released on a run of 200 records, each complete with unique hand-printed artwork and digital download, which you can pre-order HERE. In the meantime you can catch B£AMS live at Kit Club 3 alongside Wanda Group and others on Sept 7.

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