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Errata [KR26]

We’re excited to announce KR26, a collaboration with the cult Swedish magazine Timglaset. Bringing together Kit artists with friends and musicians we greatly admire, this album celebrates sounds made in error: from bungled interviews to accidental recordings and forgotten doodles. Errata will be released on a limited edition cassette, and accompanies edition #7 of the mighty Timglaset, a 44-page full colour zine containing art by Lina Nordenström and Robin Tomens, writing by Malcolm Green, poetry by John M Bennett and Anthony Etherin, and much more.

The album includes work by Michael Bjorn, Helena Celle, Devonanon, HALFNELSON, Dolly Dolly, Time Attendant, Disasterpeace, Domenique Dumont, Jib Kidder, Mary Lattimore, Jake Messina Meginsky and Amanda Feery.

Timglaset is a bilingual (Swedish/English) fanzine and publisher of handmade books of art and writing. The theme for the Timglaset #7 zine and tape is ERRATA:

* Failed experiments that nevertheless turned out interesting
* Work that contains conscious errors or glitches
* Work that has errors, glitches or mistakes as their subject matter
* Or other interpretations of the theme

. Errata is released on Oct 26, with a launch party happening at the excellent bookartbookshop in London. You can pre-order a copy HERE.

errata zine and tape floorboards

Errata digi art

errata page collage 2

errata page paintings

errata page collage 1

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