Eating Flowers the given names of stars

Eating Flowers // The Given Names of Stars

Our mix series has hit triple figures, and who better to take us to the next level than Eating Flowers, author of the monumental God Was a White-Tailed Deer. EF’s track ‘Naturalistic Fallacy’ stunned me a few days back – coming across like a wide-eyed visitor to a new world, benignly listing berries, poems and molecules side by side, all suspended in a thermal of twisting, folding organ magma. The rest of the tape is equally languid and transportive, all tied together (as you can read below) by a beguiling amateurism – each song formed like a crystal in different conditions, temperature, humidity, elevation. Every detail exists…

You can buy God Was a White-Tailed Deer via Reckno.

‘My mix is called “The Given Names of Stars”. It’s half songs that inspired the album and half original songs that I made after the album was finished. It’ll be out on my own imprint Permanent Dusk in a small edition towards the end of the month.

I am fascinated with deer. I grew up in Virginia and you can find them pretty much everywhere. They just live alongside everyone else. When you spot one while you’re walking around they’ll stop and stare back at you and just stay like that for minutes on end, not moving at all. There’s something so powerful and gripping about that moment – how still everything is, the recognition. What are they thinking? Probably nothing. But the mystery is there.

Eating Flowers the given names of stars

The Sun An track was the reason I started all of this in the first place. It’s just one really nice chord and some field recordings and some other noises. Mesmerizing! And I thought – I should try this! Consequently you can hear this influence in a lot of my work – sometimes those elements are all that’s necessary.

I made the first version of this album as a demo tape for Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. I made a few copies on cassette and gave one to him after a show he played here, because Root Strata’s web site said they didn’t accept demos. Nothing came of it but it was cool to meet him. His songs are archetypal of everything I like about ambient music. The track I’ve chosen, “Aberration of Starlight”, sounds like watching clouds drift past a full moon on a very cold night.

About half of the music I listen to these days is Carly Rae Jepsen. I can’t really explain that. There’s a line in “Run Away With Me” that goes, “Over the weekend, we can turn the world to gold.” Well, that’s just a beautiful phrase. That and the song’s chord progression are the basis for the remix I included in this mix.

And then there’s other stuff that inspired me, too, things I listened to back when I was really into tape culture, like Marble Sky, Infinite Body, Emuul. I always admired the compulsion to make music like that. Cassettes, pitifully small editions, obscurity. Who were these people? Why did they do this? I wanted to do the same, any way I could. And I guess that’s where Eating Flowers comes from. I don’t have any formal musical training. I started taking things I’d heard and liked, rich textures, videogame music, field recordings I’d taken, and started playing around with them in Audacity and whatever else was at hand, doing it any way I could. I didn’t know what I was doing and still don’t. But my process involves taking objects or symbols of beauty and ingesting them, somehow, no matter how wrongheaded the process is. In this way I am “eating flowers”.’

Eating Flowers God Was a White-Tailed Deer

The Beautiful Schizophonic – Fornarnia
Eating Flowers – Kasuga Shrine
Sun An – Late Afternoon
Eating Flowers – A Moment’s Worry
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Aberration of Starlight
Eating Flowers – Majesty (Excerpt)
Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me (Eating Flowers Inverted Aerial)
The Sight Below – No Place For Us (Eluvium Sedated Remix)

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