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Clay Pipe Music Guest Mix

We love London label Clay Pipe Music here at Kit, not only because of their brilliantly eccentric roster, but for the astonishingly good artwork that emblazons each release. Clay Pipe mastermind Frances Castle is the one that lovingly illustrates and prints each CD, tape and record, while somehow finding time to make warming, wonky music of her own as The Hardy Tree. Her mix ain’t bad either. Hats off to Frances!

“I love ISAN. This is from one of their earlier LPs, it’s just so simple and beautiful. I realise I put a lot of folk music in this mix – Bob Stewart is a guy who put records out in the ’60s and ’70s. His early records are still easy to find quite cheaply, though I don’t think many have made it to CD. I think this is the best and creepiest version of “Long Lankin” I’ve heard, it’s from his Wraggle-Traggle Gypsies O album. Mark Fry’s album on Second Language with the A Lords, I Lived in Trees, is one of my all time favourites, but this track “Dreaming with Alice” was split up in chunks throughout his early rare album. This is a recent re-recording of it in its entirety.

My boyfriend and I like to go to proper old folk clubs (though we have been a bit slack recently), two in particular, The Cellar Upstairs in Euston and Musical Traditions at the King and Queen on Foley Street. Peta Web and Ken Hall run Musical Traditions, and are resident singers at The Cellar Upstairs. I like a lot of unaccompanied singing, though I know it’s not to everyone’s taste. The people who have been going to these clubs from the ’60s and ’70s still go, it’s just a small group of older people and the music is relatively unspoilt. I think it will disappear when they get too old, and we will just be left with Seth Lakeman – too sad.

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I’ve included a couple of tracks I released on my label, Clay Pipe Records – Jon Brooks‘ “Winter’s Hamlet”, and Plinth’s “51°43′.23 N 05°40’.10 W”, both really great I think. Kay Gardener is someone that Plinth’s Michael Tanner introduced me to, she is kind of prototype New Age. I imagine she used to sell her tapes in health food shops. On “The Lady’s Chapel” she has just taken her flute out into the countryside and recorded it on a reel to reel – you can hear the sound of waterfalls and things in the background on some of the tracks. I’ve also included some ’60s psyche-y stuff and The Pastels, who are one of the bands that I have followed from my youth and have seemed to get better. I love their new album Slow Summits.”

The artwork accompanying this mix is from a future Clay Pipe release called Dream Life of Hackney Marshes, by Jetsam and Gareth E Rees. A CD launch party will be held on 6 Nov at Ye Old Rose and Crown, Walthamstow. Buy tickets HERE!

clay pipe music jetsam art

ISAN – Cutlery Favours
Bob Stewart – Long Lankin
Mark Fry – Dreaming with Alice
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – The Holland Handkerchief
Jon Brooks – Winter’s Hamlet
Dave & Toni Arthur – A Fairy Tale
Plinth – 51°43′.23 N 05°40′.10 W
Kay Gardener – The Lady’s Chapel
The Moody Blues – Voices In The Sky
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – Rose Of My Heart
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Barefoot In Baltimore
Kaleidoscope – Dive Into Yesterday
The Pastels – Wrong Light
Honey Bus – She Said Yes
Peta Webb And Ken Hall – Slieve Gallion Braes

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