Awesome Wells Kalachi 2

Awesome Wells // Kalachi (Oh Dearism)

Lovely springy video here from friend of Kit, the multi-instrumentalist Awesome Wells. ‘Kalachi’ is a cut from AW’s very fine new record Gooseberries, which was partly recorded at Kit towers. The album marries Wells’s magpie collection of spangly field recordings and weird ethnic instruments with an instinctive ear for warm tunes and harmonies. Blankets of fuzzy guitar, ear-melty vocals and velcro-levels of hookery are all over this thing.

More words from the man himself below!

“Kalachi is a small rural town in northern Kazakhstan that made the news in 2015 as a result of an endemic of seemingly inexplicable bouts of sleep, often lasting days at a time, amongst the people living there. The mystery of the nicknamed ‘sleepy hollow’ was later put down to the presence of a disused uranium mine in the vicinity.

‘Oh Dearism’ is a short film made by the documentary-maker/story-teller Adam Curtis that describes Western apathy as a response to disempowering and overly simplified narratives detailing world events in the news media.

I’ve always loved Curtis’s drawing together of disparate strands and threads to create a narrative, told through a similar yoking of archive footage and music into a kind of temporal collage, and in this song I wanted to do a similar thing, albeit in a somewhat abstracted form. I liked the idea of the residents of Kalachi sleeping involuntarily for such prolonged periods of time as a kind of apathetic response to politics, world events, global warming etc., a more literal manifestation of the ‘generation rents’ lethargic, hands-off/on-line response to current affairs.

The video is essentially an extension of this, relishing in copyright infringement and archive footage to try and visually tell the story of the song.”

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