AHRKH Elian Radigue Kit mix

AHRKH // Time is Illusion

Here’s a clock-bothering mix from friend of the label, member of the mighty GNOD and workaholic musician in his own right, Alex Macarte – aka AHRKH. In turns challenging and contemplative, AHRKH’s music centres on drone and repetition to wiggle temporality and tickle the ear drum. Alex’s piano work ‘Channeling’ brings a particular form of inner peace, rippling through the body like wind on a lake (we played some on our last NTS show). Needless to say, AHRKH’s mix is head-spinning: snippets of lectures whirling on a cloud of strings and drone. It even includes some unreleased GNOD stuff! Fantastic effort. More words from the man himself below:

‘When Kit Records asked me to do a mix, I was extremely honoured. I’ve spent numerous Sundays relaxing to Kit Records’ show on NTS, in a state of relaxation, inspired by the sounds emanating from the studio, calming, disjointed, ambient, classical, field recordings, all a wonderful cacophony. Sunday. My day of rest. My day of taking time.

This mix is loosely based on time and music’s ability to manipulate one’s perception of it. Short music giving the illusion of much time passing, or long form music engulfing the consciousness into a timeless state. One of the truly magikal wonders of music is how it can alter one’s consciousness. Much like my own music, with AHRKH, which is usually long in form, and inspired by mediation practice, and also in some respects with GNOD, this mix is an attempt to lose one’s perception senses. And much like meditation, it is not always calm and still, a common misconception regarding the practice of looking inward…

AHRKH meditating

Ironically, this mix was made during a period of not really having time. And not being settled. I started it just before leaving for tour last November, and have been on tour since, around Europe, UK and the United Sates, and have been adding to and working on the mix in the small instances of “having” time. It contains some of the music I was listening to at the time, and snips of subject matter that I was reading on my travels. 

It’s March 2016 now, and indeed, time has “flown”. I actually have enough field and live recordings from my travels for another mix… but perhaps for another time…

I hope you enjoy it and that it may take you on a journey of contemplation, or otherwise. Patience yields rewards.

With Love & Light,


AHRKH Elian Radigue Kit mix

Frank Perry – Deep Peace / Corey Anton – Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre (Time & Subjectivity)
Oliver Coates – The Room is the Resonator
Tipex – Adventures in Modern Music / Elian Radigue – Kailasha (excerpt) / Coil – Time Machines (excerpt) / Sadhguru – What is Time
Neil Campbell – Calling my Name, Planet Brain
Stred Sveta – ???
GNOD – Unreleased Untitled (excerpt)
Rose Kallal – Aldeberan (live excerpt)
Oophoi – Spirals of Time / Robert Lanza MD – Biocentrism
Lotus Eaters – Untitled 3
Near Death Experience – NDE 4
AHRKH – Live Excerpt / Alan Watts – Changing Your Perception of Time
Lichens – Time / Prof. Wubbo J Ockels – Time and Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Nerftoss – I

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